Clay-colored Thrush (Turdus grayi) videos, photos and sound recordings

Howell is sensitive to the fact that English-speaking European colonizers coming into the New World were very sloppy with their plant and animal naming. 1) Birdlife checklist version 07 (Jul 2020) (v. Also known as: 1) Handbook of the Birds of the World Alive (31/01/2020) (v. 1) Clements 1st edition (v. It builds a heavy cup nest of grass, moss, feathers, leaves and mud on a firm support above the ground, which may include human constructions such as windowsills. The plumage is brownish, somewhat lighter below than above, lightest on the flanks. Yeast infections: medlineplus, "Yeast infection" redirects here. It uses material from the Wikipedia.

Moreover, this last week I think I've been hearing yet another sound in their calls I've not heard before, a funny-sounding "boing-boing" phrase, and at this writing that's starting to disappear, too, after a much shorter run on the robin hit-parade. I've seen a few of these nests in the windowsills of my human friends. Therefore, this week, what I saw didn't make sense.

Unique color and blandness makes this rarity unlikely to be confused with other species. It is aggressive in defence of its nest, but is not otherwise particularly territorial. For, each early morning and late afternoon the chorus of many Clay-colored Robins singing is simply majestic -- not only because of the sheer volume and number of birds involved, but also because this bird's song is particularly pleasing to hear, so varied, sometimes a little echoic, like distant bells. Subspecies incomptus along with lanyoni, yucatanensis and linnaei are not recognised by all authorities[2]. Different types of plumage aberrations have been described, among which are albinism, where individuals have a completely white plumage with red iris due to the total absence of pigmentation (Uieda 2020), melanism caused by the increase of eumelanin or phaeomelanin. 10 home remedies for vaginal yeast infection: what you can do now. Drab, uniformly brown thrush with slightly warmer belly.

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Harboring around 850 species of birds and offering plenty of facilities for birdwatchers to have a pleasurable trip, Costa Rica posts among the best destinations in the world for this activity. (1) IOC World Bird Names, version 8. Downloaded from http: 1) James Lee Peters (v. Won’t do repeats often! Typically, the clay-colored thrush lays two to four pale blue eggs between March and July. 1) Birdlife checklist version 02 (v. “That’s why we started our color-banding project,” said Brush’s wife, Catherine.

1) South American Classification Committee (4/09/2020) (v. “The first thrush we banded got blue and red bands on its left leg; blue on top and red on bottom. The banding process doesn’t harm the birds; quick measurements are taken and the bird is released. 1) Clements, version 2020 (v. Aside from open country species like the American Robin and bluebirds, thrushes tend to be shy, inconspicuous birds that quietly forage for invertebrates on the forest floor. The percentage of white feathers on the body of an individual with leucism responds essentially to how early the mutation occurs during embryogenesis (Acosta-Broche 2020).

Thrushes are well represented in North America with sixty species in thirteen genera (including the extinct Grand Cayman Thrush and Amahui of Hawaii). (1) IOC World Bird Names, version 1. Please consider upgrading. The clay-colored thrush (Turdus grayi) is a common Middle American bird of the thrush family (Turdidae). The young fledge about 2 weeks after hatching.

  • Those are the questions being asked by Timothy Brush, a biology professor at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.
  • The articles or images on this page are the sole property of the authors or photographers.
  • Eventually scientists changed its family from robin to thrush.
  • The species appears to be expanding their range to the north, and sightings have become increasingly common in Texas.
  • 1-3 pale blue, red-brown and grey marked eggs are laid with the average above to, but it is only the rare pair that fledges more than two young.
  • Many gather at fruiting trees, taking.

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The caroling song of the American Robin is often viewed as a harbinger of spring. (7 oz) on average. Found in a variety of open and semi-open habitats, including forest clearings and edges, second-growth forest, open woodlands, riparian areas, and scattered groves of trees. Still, after a lifetime of calling the American birds robins, it's hard to call them thrushes. I heard lots of singing and saw some courtship behavior but most robins seemed to be doing nothing special. 1) eBird version 2020 (v. Sex with a new partner causes utis and yeast infections—help! 1) Birdlife checklist version 03 (v. For months these songs created a shimmering musical ocean engulfing my hut-ship, texturing everything I did, thought and felt.

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In the winter, however, their numbers decline — thrushes moving about, destination unknown. 1) South American Classification Committee (14/09/2020) (v. How to spot and treat oral thrush, when people do get symptoms of oral thrush these can include white or yellow patches on the inside of the cheeks, tongue, or at the back of the throat. 2020 revisions) (v.

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300 meters above sea level. 03 (March 2020) (v. 6 yeast infection symptoms in women, a yeast infection causes itching or soreness in the vagina and sometimes causes pain or burning when you urinate or have sex. )The reason they were so numerous earlier is that back then the big strangler fig trees here were laden with marble-size, spherical figs, and of all the birds who ate their fill of those figs surely the Clay-colored Robins were the most enthusiastic.

Populations are found over a relatively broad geographic area, they are common in many parts of their range, and overall populations appear to be increasing.

This was a situation to place before Google. 2020 revisions) (v. This week more birds are doing it for longer periods each morning and late afternoon, but still it's nothing like what it soon will be. 1 (Feb 2020) (v. )Though I've experienced this for several seasons, it took until this summer for me to notice that each bird in this symphony has its own melody, which it sings throughout the season, and which drastically can differ from the calls of other Clay-coloreds.

Copyright © 989 B. The clay-colored thrush feeds primarily on insects, berries, fruits, and various other small invertebrates. It was formerly called Clay-colored Robin. Please contact them directly with respect to any copyright or licensing questions.


None of the thrushes of mainland North America are considered threatened although populations of the Wood Thrush have declined in many areas possibly due to deforestation on its breeding and Central American wintering grounds. These colors make it easier for the Brushs and other observers to track individual birds. Candida urinary tract infection and candida species susceptibilities to antifungal agents, there are over 20 different strains of Candida that can become problematic to humans. Compared to many other Neotropical thrushes its ecology and behavior are reasonably well studied, in large part doubtless due to its relative ubiquitousness. 1) Morony, Bock and Farrand (v. When gently scraped off, these patches reveal inflamed.

  • Now, the Brushs are looking for sightings of their banded birds.
  • 1) South American Classification Committee (30/09/2020) (v.
  • Found in a variety of shrubby wooded habitats, towns, and parks.
  • 2020 revisions) (v.


(1) IOC World Bird Names, version 10. It usually forages for fruit or invertebrates (= animals without internal skeleton, such as insects, larvae, earthworms, millipedes, snails, spiders) on the ground or near it, singly or in pairs, but flocks may feed high in fruiting trees. The leaky gut meal plan: 4 weeks to detox and improve digestive health: sarah kay hoffman: 9781641528849: books. The only obvious big difference between the two species is that the Clay-colored's drab plumage shows only hues of brown. That's just a guess, though.

Though it's gross anthropomorphizing, one wants to guess that one day a robin hit upon the idea of inserting the falcon call, the other robins fancied the new sound and began doing the same, then they all passed through a period of obsessively calling it to one another -- like coast-to-coast teenagers who can't hear and sing enough the newest pop hit -- but then one day abruptly everyone has had enough, can't take it any more, and the once-craved sound just vanishes. What will help my recurring yeast infections? ” These are bacteria that are hard to kill. 2020 revisions) (v. 1) Zoonomen - Zoological Nomenclature Resource (v. But I still plan to avoid driving in downtown San Jose! 1) HBW and BirdLife Taxonomic Checklist v4 (Dec 2020) (v.

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That spring a Mockingbird began calling in a Flowering Peach outside my upstairs window, and before long he was inserting brief phrases of Morse into his song -- clearly recognizable dots and dashes issued at the same pitch -- but of course he never did say much intelligible. From eastern Mexico to northern Colombia, this plain gray-brown thrush is very common in lowland habitats, including parks and gardens. 1) South American Classification Committee (22/04/2020) (v. Candida alvarez paintings & artwork for sale, that is my relation to dancing. Your browser does not support HTML5 Audio! Because of this close relationship, the bird has been mentioned in many of Costa Rican's folk songs, poems, novels and short stories. Beneath every big tree there's always a comfortably rounded boulder you can sit on, and always the birds are putting on a show. 00 Y and C positioning Centered Exposure Program Aperture priority Exif version 2.

01 (August 2020) (v. This one diet cured my chronic yeast infections and cleared my acne. )Direct, swift flight on rapidly beating wings. In much of its range it is familiar in yards and gardens, similar to some other thrushes such as the American Robin, the Eurasian Blackbird, and the Song Thrush. Schulenberg, M.

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1) South American Classification Committee (28/07/2020) (v. 1) eBird version 2020 (v. Contains translations by TU Chemnitz and Mr Honey's Business Dictionary (German-English).

1) South American Classification Committee (8/02/2020) (v. 5 in), and weighs 74-76 g (2. English-German online dictionary developed to help you share your knowledge with others. 1) Birdlife checklist version 01 (v.

Adult Perched On A Branch.

The female lays two to four eggs that are light blue with occasional reddish-brown spotting. Thanks on that account! This family includes well known birds such as the American Robin and bluebirds, and lesser known birds such as the Townsend's Solitaire of western mountain forests. 2020 revisions) (v.

The legs and feet are gray-black. Foraging often occurs on the ground, particularly when they are feeding on insects and other invertebrates. Clay-colored Thrush: No white around eye like in American Robin. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. Another thrush near the reception building said, "Chuck, whaddaya-do, old boy," sometimes varying the pitch, and sometimes changing to "Chuck, whaddaya-gonna-do, old boy? "(1) Birdlife checklist version 05. Bird communities change over time, Brush went on to explain, affected by the local environment and wildlife community.

Clay-colored Thrush (Turdus grayi)

1) Birdlife checklist version 08 (Oct 2020) (v. 23-27 cm (9-10. )In recent years it has become a regular visitor to southernmost Texas, especially in winter, and it has even nested there a number of times. This species has increased in recent years, with records from Big Bend National Park in Texas and New Mexico. 1) Clements, version 2020 (v.

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3 Meaning of each component Y Cb Cr does not exist Image compression mode 4 APEX exposure bias -1 Maximum land aperture 4 APEX (f/4) Metering mode Pattern Light source Unknown Flash Flash fired, strobe return light not detected, compulsory flash firing DateTime subseconds 20 DateTimeOriginal subseconds 20 DateTimeDigitized subseconds 20 Supported Flashpix version 0,100 Color space sRGB Sensing method One-chip color area sensor File source Digital still camera Scene type A directly photographed image Custom image processing Normal process Exposure mode Auto exposure White balance Auto white balance Digital zoom ratio 1 Focal length in 35 mm film 450 mm Scene capture type Standard Scene control Low gain up Contrast Normal Saturation Normal Sharpness Normal Subject distance range Unknown GPS tag version 2. The males are also cherished for their exquisite song; during mating season, they serenade potential mates with an unmistakable tune. Another online article referred to Clay-colored Robins as "polygynous," and yet another called them a "potentially polygynous (lekking) species. "This week Clay-colored Robins have been particularly vocal and busy. The nest is placed in a shrub or tree, but in urban areas may also be placed on a man-made structure. Leucism has been attributed to various causes.


According to the chromatic aberrations of plumage in birds we quote the information of interest of the ornithological bulletin of Chile: Feeds on worms, insects, and other small invertebrates, but will also take fruits and berries. It prefers open or semi-open lowland environments including forest edges and residential areas such as gardens and parks. 1) South American Classification Committee (9/02/2020) (v. The size, form, behavior and many of the calls of the two species couldn't be more alike. They could also be confused with Rufous-backed Robin , another vagrant from Mexico that is occasionally found in southern Texas. In general appearance and habits it resembles other Turdus thrushes such as the American robin. Approximately a week after that video was posted I began noticing a new phrase certain singing robins were inserting into their songs.

The plumage is brownish, somewhat lighter below than above, lightest on the sides.

As a result, farmers have understood the clay-colored thrush's song as the herald of coming rains. Once I tried to play leap frog with them, but I don't think they cared much for it. About this North America Map This map shows how this species is distributed across North America. Fairly common to common throughout range in Middle America. It occurs rarely in south Texas, mostly in winter, and has bred there. And if trees have some kind of self-awareness, maybe they were, just feeling themselves bubbling inside with such unbounded robin gratification. They hop on the ground tossing litter aside with their bills just like American Robins.

Aggressive defense against brood parasites may explain why it has not evolved complete recognition of brood parasite eggs; it is one of only very few species of birds that are partial ejectors, with only about 25% of individuals ejecting parasitic eggs of the bronzed cowbird. The clay-colored thrush was chosen as the national bird for several reasons. It is found in areas with scattered trees and on the edges of forests.

1) Clements, version 2020 (v.


(1) eBird version 1. It has a dull yellow or greenish bill with a dark base, dark pinkish-tan legs, and reddish-brown eyes. Rather, it lists the species as the Clay-colored Thrush. It was known as the Clay-colored Robin. Food and feeding Earthworms, slugs, larval and adult insects, occasionally lizards, also many types of fruit. At the local level, singing is highly synchronized, but at the regional level, timing of breeding can vary between one location and the next. 02 (May 2020) (v. )


(005) F-number f/4 ISO speed rating 800 Lens focal length 300 mm Orientation Normal Software used Ver. (1) IOC World Bird Names, version 9. Distribution and Habitat: And before that it was known as the Gray's thrush, named after a British ornithologist. Digesting these laconic and somewhat cryptic lines gradually I conjured an idea of what I'd seen among the Clay-colored Robins that day. It has brown or olive-brown upperparts—clay-colored—with a warmer, paler shade below.

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1) Birdlife checklist version 04 (v. Native to northeastern Mexico south to Colombia. 2020 revisions) (v. Its pleasing song is fairly new to the lower Rio Grande Valley, heard increasingly often over the past 30 years. The clay-colored thrush builds its bulky, open-cup nest on a sturdy support close to the ground on a low tree branch or in a small shrub, using grass, moss, feathers, leaves, twigs, and mud. Sometimes it is seen in flocks eating in fruit trees.

Though they feed in the canopy searching for nutritious fruits, clay-colored thrushes also go digging in the ground with their beaks to gather earthworms, snails, insects and other small animals - luckily, frogs don't make that list. 1) Handbook of the Birds of the World and Birdlife (Dec 2020) (v. 1) South American Classification Committee (6/06/2020) (v. 1) South American Classification Committee (26/09/2020) (v.

More information! At least a thousand times a day he'd articulate a phrase that in intonation and cadence seemed to say to me, "We're here for a hamburger and beer. "I would guess that that morning the livestock trail along the stream took me through one "mating aggregation" after another, each group consisting of one to several females and a male, and maybe there were "surplus males" weaving in and out of groups as opportunities arose. 1) Howard and Moore 4th edition (vol. Their population increasing, the thrush seems here to stay — but what are they doing and where else might they go? It occasionally turns up in the southernmost tip of Texas, where its population and presence has grown in recent years. Still, I'll probably keep making them, if only to record the sounds.

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It is limited to the Atlantic slope, except for a population around Oaxaca City, Mexico that probably originates from escaped cage birds. It sometimes produces 2 broods. 1) Howard and Moore 2nd edition (incl. Vaginal thrush (yeast infection) in pregnancy: causes and treatment, some guys might have a slight discharge or pain with urination as well. That was close to what's been happening here, but that Mockingbird kept sending Morse each spring for two or three years.

It's assumed that "lekking" groups attract more females than do isolated males, and probably this helps the females better compare their potential mate. In this week's Clay-colored Robin video it's the song that's important. 04 (Aug 2020) (v. )Tends to stay on the ground or in low vegetation, either singly or in pairs. Photographed in garden of Arenal Observatory Lodge. It may not have been high on anyone's list of potential new species for Arizona and, as with most Mexican species, there is a question of origin. When worried about something they issue nasal clucks the way nervous American Robins do, and their body shape and size is just like the American Robin's.

  • While visually unobtrusive, the thrush’s song reverberates throughout woodlands — a melodic series of whistles symbolic of dawn and dusk.
  • Thrushes come in a variety of colors from the beautiful blues of the bluebirds and Bluethroat to the reddish-orange underparts of the American Robin, orange and gray of the Varied Thrush, and the earthy tones of other forest species.
  • 1) Clements 5th edition (incl.
  • I've never heard of a call suddenly flashing " into vogue," then just as quickly totally disappearing.

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1) Clements 6th edition (incl. 2020 revisions) (v. That word "lek" refers to an aggregation of males, each seeking to attract a mate, and each displaying fervently. 1) South American Classification Committee (17/03/2020) (v. Its habitat is open areas with trees or hedges and forest edges. The aluminum band has a unique number — mandated by the USGS — that allows individual birds to be identified if they are recaptured.

This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it.

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Before long it seemed that every robin regularly and persistently inserted falcon calls into his singing, so that for a couple of weeks it was almost annoying hearing those distinctive sounds issuing from all directions, all the time. They will occasionally attend feeders for offered fruits. My "ribbit, ribbit," or "cruaa, cruaa" as the sound is pronounced in Spanish, isn't quite as appealing as the bird's ballad. Then, suddenly, though the robins' calling continued unabated, the falcon sounds began dropping out.

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Fredericks, B. Its nest is a cup made from grass, moss, and mud. 1) South American Classification Committee (24/10/2020) (v. 1) South American Classification Committee (16/02/2020) (v. 2020 revisions) (v.

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One hundred eighty-three species of thrushes in twenty-four genera make up the Turdidae (pronunciation TUR-duh-dee); a family that occurs on many islands and all continents except for Antarctica. The video shown above was made here about a month ago. 2020 revisions) (v.